What is Aiming For The Next Level? 

This is a consulting company designed to assist Pastors facing challenges and difficulties.  We focus on designing and creating templates freeing a Pastor to concentrate on solutions.  These templates give a system and process to navigate through those issues.

We understand the ministry is very demanding and often Pastors are lonely; who do they turn to when they are in constant struggles?  We come to step alongside of that Pastor, giving 6-8 coaching sessions and insight to the program that will be developed for him.  Each session is designed with a biblical overview of what we are building with applications that he can implement.

At the completion of the coaching sessions, a designed spiritual plan of action will constructed, dealing with solutions to these challenges and implementing successful strategies.  If you will go to our navigation bar and see the testimonial section, you’ll find many Pastors sharing what they have experienced, just in the coaching sessions as well as the spiritual plan of action we developed.

We understand that within the church industry, consideration to hiring a consultant maybe foreign, but my question is this, why continue to struggle, be discouraged and not seek some help?  In any field, coaches and mentors allows another perspective,  assisting you to review your situation. 

Our focus is primarily on churches of attendance of 150 and under.  We feel those Pastors who may not have a full time staff members are the ones who are the most in need.  It is those who God has laid on our hearts, to come along side and improve your serve and encourage you to continue to do the work of the ministry.

We do have a fee structure and we do take in consideration your financial situation.  Give us a call or email us at:  stnakamura888@gmail.com to see how we can begin the process and implement new ideas for you. 

Please pray about it and see if this is something you want to partner with us and let’s connect and see what God will do for you!


Stephen Nakamura